CSV datasets of CDCR prison populations, previously available only as monthly PDFs
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Why this data?

The CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) releases monthly reports on the number of people in state prisons around California. These reports also include the designed capacities of each prison, and how the current population compares to that capacity. California prisons have had extreme overcrowding issues for a long time - see, e.g. Brown v Plata, which is the US Supreme Court case that finally sparked a concerted effort to reduce overcrowding.

Unfortunately, the reports provided by the CDCR are only available in PDF format, with one PDF provided per month. Trying to analyze those numbers over many months and years is very difficult in such a format. This repository changes that, parsing the monthly PDF reports from 1996 to the present day to provide these data in one CSV. That CSV is available here.

The data look something like this:

head data/monthly_cdcr_population.csv | column -t -s,
year  month  institution_name                  population_felons  civil_addict  total_population  designed_capacity  percent_occupied  staffed_capacity  source_pdf_name
1996  01     VSP (VALLEY SP)                   2294               0             2294              1980               115.9             1980              TPOP1Ad9601.pdf
1996  01     SCC (SIERRA CONSERVATION CENTER)  322                0             322               320                100.6             320               TPOP1Ad9601.pdf
1996  01     NCWF (NO CAL WOMEN'S FACIL)       786                4             790               400                197.5             760               TPOP1Ad9601.pdf
1996  01     CCWF (CENTRAL CA WOMEN'S FAC)     2846               13            2859              2004               142.7             3224              TPOP1Ad9601.pdf

I've gone through a number of the PDFs by hand to double check the numbers are correct, but if you spot mistakes or otherwise think something is wrong, please create a Github issue. If you're not familiar and want to report a bug, please reach out via email (nrjones8@gmail.com).

Raw PDFs

Data come from the PDFs of monthly archives at: https://sites.cdcr.ca.gov/research/population-reports/

The PDFs themselves are pulled down and checked into this repository under data/raw_monthly_pdfs/. The names of the PDFs have not been changed. They were downloaded by running the following script:

python datacleaning/scrape_from_cdcr.py

Parsing the PDFs

The PDFs are parsed using tools in the datacleaning directory in the root of this repo. The result of their parsing is in this directory at data/monthly_cdcr_population.csv.

To re-parse / re-generate that CSV, run:

python datacleaning/bulk_parse_pdfs.py --verbose