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Data and analysis code for article on increase in MUNI citations when it rains
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This repo contains data used in writing about how citations from SF MUNI fare inspectors relate to the weather on a given day - that topic is discussed in more detail here:

All analysis code used in that post can be found in ticket_analysis.R.

Datasets in this repo

  • data/raw/muni_average_weekday_boardings.csv - Average weekday boardings, by month. Downloaded from
  • data/raw/order_1327523_noaa_2017_01_01_to_2018_04_23.csv - Data about historical daily weather in San Francisco from the NOAA
  • data/raw/P000340_042418_Transit_Violation_Tickets_March_2017_through_March_2018.xlsx - individual citation data, obtained from SFMTA via public records request. This is the original, unchanged data.
  • data/P000340_042418_Transit_Violation_Tickets_March_2017_through_March_2018.csv - individual citation data, obtained from SFMTA. This is the CSV version of what was originally provided (the .xlsx file mentioned above).
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