autoloder is no more necessary if you use composer #6

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I'm using PredisServiceProvider with latest version of Silex and Composer.
I got an error while trying to register the service, because in the register method there is a reference to the old Silex autoloader:

        if (isset($app["$prefix.class_path"])) {
            $app['autoloader']->registerNamespace('Predis', $app["$prefix.class_path"]);

I think all the references to the old silex autoloader have to be removed, even in the README in favour of composer instructions.


It's ok to keep the option around for BC, but in general I agree that composer should be the suggested way.

nrk commented Jul 8, 2012

Sorry for the uber-late response, I've been hell busy and that's also the reason why I didn't notice this change in Silex so thanks for reporting the issue. I'll fix the documentation after fixing another glaring issue in the configuration of the provider that emerged after the addition of the boot() method in Silex.

@igorw I'm going to remove the class_path option since I have to break compatibility anyway. Some things must be moved inside boot(), the approach after its addition broke the configuration of this provider.

nrk commented Jul 8, 2012

Fixed with commit a8090eb, thanks.

@nrk nrk closed this Jul 8, 2012
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