{{growing mustaches in your templates with Lua}}
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Hige 髭
{{growing mustaches in your templates with Lua}}

-- Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------

Hige is a small yet fairly complete templating library for the Lua programming 
language and it is based off Mustache[1] while it borrows a few implementation 
ideas from Mustache.js[2].

[1] http://github.com/defunkt/mustache
[2] http://github.com/janl/mustache.js

-- Usage ----------------------------------------------------------------------

  require 'hige'

  local view = {
      project  = 'hige', 
      nickname = 'nrk', 
      url      = function()
          return 'http://github.com/'..nickname..'/'..project

  local template = '{{project}} is maintained by {{nickname}} at {{url}}'
  local rendered = hige.render(template, view)
  -- hige is maintained by nrk at http://github.com/nrk/hige

-- Why hige? ------------------------------------------------------------------

Just for the fun of it :-)

-- Current status of the project-----------------------------------------------

I was not really serious about Hige when I started working on it. There are 
already much better alternatives for Lua such as Cosmo[3] (whose concept is 
similar in many ways to hige) and lua-haml[4], so the main reason which is 
driving its development is simply to deepen my knowledge of Lua. Anyway, I 
am going to fix the currently broken parts and add the missing features.

[3] http://cosmo.luaforge.net/
[4] http://github.com/norman/lua-haml

-- Author ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Daniele Alessandri - suppakilla{{at}}gmail.com

-- Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Aside from a few ideas behind Hige's implementation choices, most of the 
examples that come with it were taken from Mustache.js.

-- Requirements ---------------------------------------------------------------

  * Telescope (required by the test suite):
  * LuaFileSystem (required by the test suite):