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hpricot-pure - simply Hpricot, just made "pure".
Ok I was just bored, but as an unexpected result of my boredom, hpricot-pure
turned out to be actually functioning after a couple of hours of laid-back
hacking so I thought "why not releasing the source code?".
hpricot-pure is a version of Hpricot that doesn't rely on a native extension,
instead it is written entirely in pure Ruby. It is currently based on Hpricot
0.6.164 and I have no plans to support later versions of Hpricot, but I might
reconsider this after pushing out the new features of Hpricot into
Ok so now what is the point of hpricot-pure? Well, as I have said I was bored,
there is really nothing much to say. But I can't exclude that someone may find
it useful :)
NOTE: there is a known bug! Actually, when the source string/io does not fit
in the buffer, hpricot-pure skips a character when reading the next chunk of
data. I'm still not sure if this is a bug introduced by the ragel-generated
code or if I'm missing something, but it is indeed worth of an in-depth