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using System;
using System.Text;
using IronRuby.Builtins;
using IronRuby.Runtime;
using Microsoft.Scripting;
using Microsoft.Scripting.Runtime;
namespace IronRuby.Hpricot {
public static class Hpricot {
public static readonly RubyRegex ProcInsParse = Utilities.ProcessInstructionParser;
[RubyMethod("scan", RubyMethodAttributes.PublicSingleton)]
public static Object Scan(ConversionStorage<MutableString>/*!*/ toMutableStringStorage, RespondToStorage/*!*/ respondsTo,
BinaryOpStorage/*!*/ readIOStorage, BlockParam block, RubyModule/*!*/ self, Object/*!*/ source, Hash/*!*/ options) {
Object elementContent;
if (!self.TryGetConstant(null, "ElementContent", out elementContent) && !(elementContent is Hash)) {
throw new Exception("Hpricot::ElementContent is missing or it is not an Hash");
var scanner = new HpricotScanner(toMutableStringStorage, readIOStorage, block);
return scanner.Scan(source, options, elementContent as Hash);
[RubyMethod("css", RubyMethodAttributes.PublicSingleton)]
public static Object Css(RubyContext/*!*/ context, BlockParam/*!*/ block, RubyModule/*!*/ self) {
return null;
[RubyMethod("buffer_size", RubyMethodAttributes.PublicSingleton)]
public static Int32? GetBufferSize(RubyModule/*!*/ self) {
return Utilities.GetBufferSize(self);
[RubyMethod("buffer_size=", RubyMethodAttributes.PublicSingleton)]
public static void SetBufferSize(RubyModule/*!*/ self, Int32 bufferSize) {
Utilities.SetBufferSize(self, bufferSize);
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