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# == About hpricot.rb
# All of Hpricot's various part are loaded when you use <tt>require 'hpricot'</tt>.
# * hpricot_scan: the scanner (a C extension for Ruby) which turns an HTML stream into tokens.
# * hpricot/parse.rb: uses the scanner to sort through tokens and give you back a complete document object.
# * hpricot/tag.rb: sets up objects for the various types of elements in an HTML document.
# * hpricot/modules.rb: categorizes the various elements using mixins.
# * hpricot/traverse.rb: methods for searching documents.
# * hpricot/elements.rb: methods for dealing with a group of elements as an Hpricot::Elements list.
# * hpricot/inspect.rb: methods for displaying documents in a readable form.
# If available, Nikolai's UTF-8 library will ease use of utf-8 documents.
# See
require 'encoding/character/utf-8'
rescue LoadError
load_assembly 'IronRuby.Hpricot', 'IronRuby.Hpricot'
require 'hpricot/tag'
require 'hpricot/modules'
require 'hpricot/traverse'
require 'hpricot/inspect'
require 'hpricot/parse'
require 'hpricot/builder'