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Change the way MutableString instances are created from the buffer.

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1 parent de8a109 commit d1e4c5531ca2154f4a3545953c2aa13a629166b9 @nrk committed Jul 18, 2010
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2 src/Utilities.cs
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ public static class Utilities {
public static readonly RubyRegex ProcessInstructionParser = new RubyRegex(MutableString.CreateAscii(@"\A<\?(\S+)\s+(.+)"), RubyRegexOptions.Multiline);
public static MutableString CreateMutableStringFromBuffer(char[] buffer, int raw, int rawlen) {
- return MutableString.Create(new String(buffer, raw, rawlen), RubyEncoding.Binary);
+ return MutableString.CreateMutable(rawlen, RubyEncoding.Binary).Append(buffer, raw, rawlen);
public static RubyModule GetHpricotModule(RubyContext context) {

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