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A port of Hpricot to IronRuby

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ironruby-hpricot - a port of Hpricot for IronRuby

Hpricot is a fast and flexible HTML parser, created by why the lucky stiff.

This is a port for IronRuby of Hpricot's parser created by generating C# code 
with Ragel off of a tweaked version of the original .rl grammar files, whereas 
String#fast_xs internals are based on Ola Bini's code ported to C#.

You can find the latest builds of ironruby-hpricot at the following URL:

You can find a fairly updated report of the pass rate for the official test 
suite at the following URL:

Want to help or contribute? Drop me a mail to

NOTE: this is still a work in progress, see the TODO for more information.
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