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I have moved all the work I did for setting an error handler onto a separate branch. This pull request includes all the commits. It replaces #19.

It extends the original pull request by allowing the error handler to be called from all functions, not just the non-multi functions. It is further called for connection errors as well.

theintz added some commits Feb 27, 2014
@theintz theintz added test case 27 for testing error handlers b17c2aa
…ts, added phpiredis_set_error_handler() function with copied code
@theintz theintz added error callback to _phpiredis_connection struct 482cb39
@theintz theintz use a proper callback in the test 5ee3e9c
@theintz theintz expanded test, checks for function present and does a faulty operation e7751e1
@theintz theintz proper function declaration for free_error_handler(), use the right m…
…acros for accessing arguments
@theintz theintz removed superfluous returns d6c4be9
@theintz theintz removed TODO from phpiredis_set_error_handler() 5ffb663
@theintz theintz call error handler if it is set 0274f21
@theintz theintz expanded test to check the *_bs functions as well ae60f14
@theintz theintz extend test with checks for some error conditions 057220a
@theintz theintz tabs to spaces fb1b28f
@theintz theintz refactored error handler calling code into separate function 184cf6b
@theintz theintz free error callback when destroying the connection 6ae98d6
@theintz theintz need to include the thread safety parameters be0f219
@theintz theintz removed merge error marks....... again bfb4de1
@theintz theintz modified signature of handle_error_callback() to accept a string inst…
…ead of an redisReply
@theintz theintz call error handler for connection errors also 3965dbb
@theintz theintz refactored callback calling again to reduce some duplicate code 18c2183
@theintz theintz set an empty error handler in test 008 c175422
@theintz theintz added test case for corrct error handling with dead connections using…
… QUIT command
@theintz theintz set an empty error handler in test 009 ee28f42
@theintz theintz added test case 029 for testing error handler invocation when using m…
…ulti commands
@theintz theintz call error handler in multi functions as well 892ada1
@theintz theintz added test for proper invocation of error handler when using multi me…
…thods on connection errors
@theintz theintz fix segfault which occurred when an error handler was set and unset a…
…gain (which was done automatically when setting a new error handler) and then called from outside.

the reason why this happened is that the actual php object was unset unintentionally. the commit also contains a test to check for this behavior. i am unsure if the implementation is 100% correct, there may be a memory leak.
@seppo0010 seppo0010 commented on the diff May 12, 2014
+ ZVAL_LONG(arg[0], type);
+ MAKE_STD_ZVAL(arg[1]);
+ // only set second argument when msg is given
+ if (msg != NULL && len > 0) {
+ ZVAL_STRINGL(arg[1], msg, len, 1);
+ }
+ MAKE_STD_ZVAL(return_value);
+ if (call_user_function(EG(function_table), NULL, ((callback*) connection->error_callback)->function, return_value, 2, arg TSRMLS_CC) == FAILURE) {
+ // return FAILURE to signal something went wrong with the error handler
+ retval = FAILURE;
+ }
+ // TODO: we could also return whatever the error handler returned to allow for more flexibility
seppo0010 added a line comment May 12, 2014

Isn't this relatively easy to address?

theintz added a line comment May 14, 2014

@seppo0010 yes, it would be a simple change, but I didn't see a use case for that. we could implement it, if you think it's useful.

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@nrk nrk referenced this pull request Sep 3, 2014

Tag a release #29

@theintz theintz closed this Mar 26, 2015
@theintz theintz deleted the theintz:feature-error-handler branch Mar 26, 2015
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