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* This file is part of the Predis package.
* (c) Daniele Alessandri <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
require 'SharedConfigurations.php';
// This is a basic example on how to use the Predis\MonitorContext class.
// You can use redis-cli to send commands to the same Redis instance your client is
// connected to, and then type "ECHO QUIT_MONITOR" in redis-cli when you want to
// exit the monitor loop and terminate this script in a graceful way.
// Create a client and disable r/w timeout on the socket.
$client = new Predis\Client($single_server + array('read_write_timeout' => 0));
// Use only one instance of DateTime, we will update the timestamp later.
$timestamp = new DateTime();
foreach (($monitor = $client->monitor()) as $event) {
$timestamp->setTimestamp((int) $event->timestamp);
// If we notice a ECHO command with the message QUIT_MONITOR, we close the
// monitor context and then break the loop.
if ($event->command === 'ECHO' && $event->arguments === '"QUIT_MONITOR"') {
echo "Exiting the monitor loop...\n";
echo "* Received {$event->command} on DB {$event->database} at {$timestamp->format(DateTime::W3C)}\n";
if (isset($event->arguments)) {
echo " Arguments: {$event->arguments}\n";
// Say goodbye :-)
$info = $client->info();
print_r("Goodbye from Redis v{$info['redis_version']}!\n");
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