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* This file is part of the Predis package.
* (c) Daniele Alessandri <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
require 'SharedConfigurations.php';
This is a basic example on how to use the Predis\DispatcherLoop class.
To see this example in action you can just use redis-cli and publish some
messages to the 'events' and 'control' channel, e.g.:
PUBLISH events first
PUBLISH events second
PUBLISH events third
PUBLISH control terminate_dispatcher
// Create a client and disable r/w timeout on the socket
$client = new Predis\Client($single_server + array('read_write_timeout' => 0));
// Create a Predis\DispatcherLoop instance and attach a bunch of callbacks.
$dispatcher = new Predis\PubSub\DispatcherLoop($client);
// Demonstrate how to use a callable class as a callback for Predis\DispatcherLoop.
class EventsListener implements Countable
private $events;
public function __construct()
$this->events = array();
public function count()
return count($this->events);
public function getEvents()
return $this->events;
public function __invoke($payload)
$this->events[] = $payload;
// Attach our callable class to the dispatcher.
$dispatcher->attachCallback('events', ($events = new EventsListener()));
// Attach a function to control the dispatcher loop termination with a message.
$dispatcher->attachCallback('control', function($payload) use ($dispatcher) {
if ($payload === 'terminate_dispatcher') {
// Run the dispatcher loop until the callback attached to the 'control' channel
// receives 'terminate_dispatcher' as a message.
// Display our achievements!
echo "We received {$events->count()} messages!\n";
// Say goodbye :-)
$info = $client->info();
print_r("Goodbye from Redis v{$info['redis_version']}!\n");
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