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* This file is part of the Predis package.
* (c) Daniele Alessandri <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
require 'SharedConfigurations.php';
// This example will not work with versions of Redis < 2.6.
// Additionally to the EVAL command defined in the current development profile, the new
// Predis\Command\ScriptedCommand base class can be used to build an higher abstraction
// for our "scripted" commands so that they will appear just like any other command on
// the client-side. This is a quick example used to implement INCREX.
use Predis\Command\ScriptedCommand;
class IncrementExistingKeysBy extends ScriptedCommand
public function getKeysCount()
// Tell Predis to use all the arguments but the last one as arguments
// for KEYS. The last one will be used to populate ARGV.
return -1;
public function getScript()
local cmd, insert =, table.insert
local increment, results = ARGV[1], { }
for idx, key in ipairs(KEYS) do
if cmd('exists', key) == 1 then
insert(results, idx, cmd('incrby', key, increment))
insert(results, idx, false)
return results
$client = new Predis\Client($single_server);
$client->getProfile()->defineCommand('increxby', 'IncrementExistingKeysBy');
$client->mset('foo', 10, 'foobar', 100);
var_export($client->increxby('foo', 'foofoo', 'foobar', 50));
array (
0 => 60,
1 => NULL,
2 => 150,
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