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Use Onion to build PEAR packages of Predis.

Since Pearhub is currently broken (unfortunately the project does not seem to
be actively mantained anymore) but we still want to have PEAR packages for our
library, we need to automate the creation of a package.xml definition file to
build the actual packages that will be uploaded on a self-hosted PEAR channel.

Onion, while still in its alpha stage right now, works perfectly fine for our
needs and its own package.ini file looks simple enough to edit and maintain.

See for more details about Onion and thank @c9s
for making it available.
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1 parent 4b9ab0b commit 104cd1eae7f3fb2bff3ccd3193c3e31b8502af56 @nrk committed Dec 18, 2011
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36 package.ini
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+; This file is meant to be used with Onion
+; In order to be able to build a PEAR package of Predis, open a new terminal
+; session and follow these two easy steps:
+; $ wget
+; $ /usr/bin/env php onion.phar build
+name = "Predis"
+desc = "Flexible and feature-complete PHP client library for Redis"
+homepage = ""
+license = "MIT"
+version = "0.7.1"
+stability = "beta"
+channel = ""
+author = "Daniele Alessandri \"nrk\" <>"
+php = ">= 5.3.2"
+pearinstaller = "1.4.1"
+*.md = doc
+lib = php
+[optional phpiredis]
+hint = "Add support for faster protocol handling with phpiredis"
+extensions[] = socket
+extensions[] = phpiredis
+[optional webdis]
+hint = "Add support for Webdis"
+extensions[] = curl
+extensions[] = phpiredis

3 comments on commit 104cd1e

c9s commented on 104cd1e Dec 18, 2011

Thanks, Onion project is still on its way. if you encountered any kind of issue or problems, please report to us, we will fix it as soon as possible. :-)

nrk commented on 104cd1e Dec 18, 2011

It's been super-easy to get up and running and I haven't encountered any real problems. I'd probably suggest to state clearly in the docs that double quotes for the username in the author string must be escaped in the .ini file or it won't be parsed as expected. Pretty minor stuff anyway, Onion looks good already :-)

c9s commented on 104cd1e Dec 18, 2011


I will document it later. :-)

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