Installing libhiredis, phpiredis and predis on Ubuntu 12.04 server #103

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ralfr commented Feb 8, 2013

Don't know whether this would be worth adding to the Wiki, but I wrote a shell script installing the complete stack on a clean Ubuntu 12.04 server.

Using it with Amazon EC2 to auto-prepare our servers.

Here it is:

Feel free to use and enjoy!

nrk commented Feb 8, 2013

Thanks, this one could be added somewhere in the ongoing documentation project (the wiki is definitely outdated, just to use an euphemism). The only thing I don't really agree with is installing Predis from the current HEAD of the default branch putting it in /usr/local, you should check out only the latest stable version tagged and, honestly, using Composer should be preferable to manage dependencies on a per-project basis.

ralfr commented Feb 8, 2013

Obviously, Composer would be a good choice. This is fore folks, who don't want to go the Composer route. So, which changes are you suggesting? Would be happy to incorporate them into the script.

nrk commented Feb 8, 2013

Well since this is specific to a certain configuration anyway (see the fixed dependency on apache2ctl - I, for example, use nginx) I guess it's fine, but when cloning Predis you should really check out the tag corresponding to the latest available stable version of Predis since HEAD could contain incomplete features or potentially even broken code.

EDIT: the same should be applied to phpiredis, but we don't have tagged releases for it yet since I just recently took the ownership of the project.

nrk commented May 29, 2013

Just updated the link in the original issue.

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