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Topology of decision boundaries
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Topology of decision boundaries

This repository implements Plain- and Local-Scaled Labeled Vietoris-Rips (P-LVR and LS-LVR) complexes to analyze the topology of decision boundaries.

Details available at:

Key notebooks

  • simple_2_class.ipynb - Analyzes the decision boundary topology of the simple two class data using the P-LVR and LS-LVR complexes
    • The results are saved in the "results" folder

Steps to run the notebook

  • Create a virtual env in Python 2.7 using requirements.txt
  • Install Ripser
  • Compile Cython code
  • Run the notebook

Compiling Cython code for Labeled VR Complexes

cd src

python build_ext --inplace

External Dependencies

Ripser needs to be in the topmost folder

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