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Migration project from SqLite to Neo4J
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This original application is developed with Spring as GUI and SqlLite is used to save the data.

Now I want to migrate that application to use Neo4J.

I want to see if its possible to migrate a RDBMS based application to Neo4J(Graph DB).

If any one want to contribute to this they are very welcome. 
But please note that, try to modify only file under 'com.neo.nrk.persistence' 
since the main goal is to minimal change in the presentation or model. 

You may find unoptimized code, but don't care about it. If you want you can change for yourself and start working.  

Since the architecture of both systems varies a lot, I want to find how easy for a java and sql developer to switch
to a new syntax of accessing database.

I am not sure if I am going to use Cypher or Spring-Neo4j or hibernate OGM.

But what ever I would like to evaluate all of them.

I am not responsible for any kind of issues or problems caused with you while working or using this application.
You are at your own risk. 

Don't worry there is nothing wrong with the code as far as I know. If you find please let me know.

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