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neo4j-server project
This project contains the runnable neo4j server component. 

build-test-run cycle

When building for the first time, do:

`mvn clean package -P initial-build`

Subsequent builds can simply:

`mvn clean package`

Finally, run the server using:

`mvn exec:java`

Webadmin browser tests

To run the webdriver tests for webadmin:

`mvn clean test -Dtests=web`

Or, to run all tests (both unit, functional and webdriver):

`mvn clean test -Dtests=all`

You can run the tests under different browsers using maven profiles. By default, Firefox is used. 
Available profiles are: 
  -Pie for internet explorer
  -Pchrome for chrome.
Please note that the chrome driver requires an installed binary on your system, which you can find here:

Install it to a location of your choice, and tell the tests where to find it using the '' property:


Webadmin development

Webadmin builds during the compile and process-classes phases. If you are doing webadmin development work, you can make your changes auto-deploy, so you don't have to restart the server. Run the two commands below in separate consoles.

Start the server (let this get the server started before issuing other commands):

`mvn clean compile exec:java -Pneodev`

Auto-deploy changes to webadmin files:

`mvn compile -Pneodev`

Then go to http://localhost:7474/webadmin/dev.html 

The dev.html file loads each js file individually and unminified, which makes debugging a lot easier. 
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