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An @ moving around a hardcoded map, in several languages, trying to be as simple as possible and stick to that language's idioms. Intent is to gradually refactor and add functionality. Would love to get contributions, any other langages not already here, improvements etc.
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Merge pull request #14 from haroldo-ok/master

Ported the C version to run on Sega Master System
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actionscript adding ActionScript
ada ada by Okasu
arduino/SimpleRL SimpleRL for Arduino
basic added dartmouth basic 1968 edition verion of basic implementation
c Removed unnecessary comment
clojure Added very basic README
coffeescript More idiomatic CoffeeScript
corona adding corona port by tom demuyt
cpp added c++/sdl by copx
csharp oops removing files added by accident
factor simplified directory structure
forth added basic and forth
fortran new fs from jpalmer
freepascal updated c version by copx, added freepascal version by batyann811
fsharp Added a second F# version which is a bit simpler, and more similar to…
haskell Haskell implementation. Cabalized, too.
html added html (no javascript) version
java added java version by filip dreger and c version by copx
js ada by Okasu
perl added c curses version by jab and perl version by david damerell
php added php
powershell @ moving around hardcoded map, five languages
python Don't run the main loop from __init__
ruby If we first include Curses, we can use it's methods like they were ou…
rust Rust implementation
smalltalk Clean up code.
zsh added zsh by
README updated readme



A simple, minimal RogueLike demo (an @ moving around a hardcoded map) implemented in multiple languages.

Trying to follow the idioms of those languages and keep things very, very simple - which is why the initial version doesn't make use of objects in most of the languages. 

Would love to see more languages in here or improvements made by people who know any of these languages better than I do.

  SimpleRLGolf, implement SimpleRL in as few bytes as possible:
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