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By copx

I implemented SimpleRL in C++ but
that's not the point. I implemented it on top of SDL,
demonstrating the "emulated ASCII" technique. So
this should be useful for newbies who want to do

This code depends on a font bitmap.

It's the PDCurses SDL font I use in my current project,
one can replace that with a standard BIOS font from
the same collection to get the straight DOS look.
If you wonder, my current project
( is not a roguelike,
but a tactical RPG with perma-death, thus still
somewhat close.
Finally, because this is for newbies here is how
you compile an SDL app with straight MinGW (i.e. no MSYS):

g++ -Os SimpleRL.cpp -lmingw32 -lSDLmain -lSDL -mwindows

You will have to install SDL first of course.  
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