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ADmiRE- Annotative Database of miRNA Elements


Oak, N. , Ghosh, R. , Huang, K. , Wheeler, D. A., Ding, L. and Plon, S. E. (2018), Framework for microRNA variant annotation and prioritization using human population and disease datasets. Human Mutation. Accepted Author Manuscript. doi:10.1002/humu.23668

Please reach out to me if you have any trouble using ADmiRE. This is my first attempt of making the code open access and I would love to keep improving my skills of making the code user-friendly. Afterall, we are all learning in the process...

Types of Input files

  1. Tab-separated Files (*.tsv, *.mafplus, etc.): Using Perl script in the ./ADmiRE/ directory

  2. VCF Files:

Step-by-step Usage Guide

To annotate a Tab separated file:

  1. Clone the ADmiRE repository

    git clone

    Alternatively, you can download the ADmiRE directory in a ZIP file format. Make sure to save this file as "ADmiRE" and NOT "ADmiRE-master". unzip

  2. Unzip the file (Unzipped file size ~232 MB)

    gzip -d

  3. Run the script to annotate the input file in a tab separated format. Note: The script assumes header line to start with # or CHROM or Hugo_Symbol. If one of these first column headers are present, ADmiRE column names are added to the header line at the end of original header. Otherwise, the output file will not contain a header line.

    perl [--input INPUT_FILE] [--output OUTPUT_FILE] [--admire_path PATH] [--chr NUMBER] [--pos NUMBER]

Detailed desription of the input options:

perl [--input INPUT_FILE] [--output OUTPUT_FILE] [--admire_path PATH] [--chr NUMBER] [--pos NUMBER]


--output: OUTPUT_FILE (Default: [OPTIONAL]

--admire_path: Path to database. (Default: same directory with [OPTIONAL]

--chr: Column number in the INPUT_FILE with chromosome information. (Default: 1 -1st column) [OPTIONAL]

--pos: Column number in the INPUT_FILE with base position information. (Default: 2 -2nd column) [OPTIONAL]

To test your command is working:

Test files are provided for this Perl script. Please run,

perl --input --output


ADmiRE: Annotative Database of miRNA Elements



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