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Light and css only version of bootstrap 4
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The most popular front-end framework in a lightweight form

Why ?

We love bootstrap because :

  • it's so well known
  • it's so well tested
  • it's so well crafted

But we really want a pure css framework that is more lightweight.
Is it possible ? Bootstrap-light is my take on it.

What are the trade-offs ?

I removed all javascript from the framework. That means that carousels, tooltips, dropdowns, modals and responsive navbars are not supported.
I then removed some less used features of bootstrap that you can reenable if you wish by modifying the variables.scss and compiling it again.
I removed support for IE/Edge since IE is getting really old and Edge is changing his rendering engine for blink.

The result is a lightweight bootstrap that comes at 7kb gzipped out of the box with a lot of features and all the testing and knowledge of the parent framework.

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