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Finish writing firmware.

I have almost finished writing my code for my product, and my C++ library is nearly completed. I aim to have my code in a production ready state by the end of December.

Finish designing my PCB and buy all of the components I need.

I am also very close to finishing my PCB. I may need to make another order so that I can have all of the improvements of my latest design. I also have all of the parts that I need, assuming I am only building two SparkBots. I am almost finished with this step.

Finish first fully working prototype.

I want to have a fully working prototype by late February. I will need to get all of my designs right.

Develop a website for my project and develop an app for controlling and monitoring my product.

After I am done making my product, I will create a website for people to share code and designs, and an app for me to monitor and control my product.

Write a user manual and quick start guide.

I want to write a proper documentation for my product. I will make an online documentation as well as a paper documentation to have when I present my project.

Write my reflection.

I need to write my reflection and talk about the following topics:

  • Why I am using GitHub over Google Drive.
  • Why I made my own PCB over using a breadboard.
  • Why I made my own website over the standard template.
  • Challenges. PWMS, PCB, 3D Models