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A library for building groonga powered nodes

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nroonga is a library for building groonga powered nodes. You can write your custom full-text search backend on the top of node.js and groonga.


To install:

% npm install nroonga

To build and run tests:

% npm install
% npm test

To run examples:

Super simple test script:

% node examples/test.js

A CLI example (like groonga stand-alone mode):

% coffee examples/

A http daemon example (like groonga server mode):

% coffee examples/


var nroonga = require('nroonga');
var db = new nroonga.Database('database');

// Synchronous

// Asynchronous
db.command('status', function(error, data) {

new nroonga.Database([[path], openOnly])

Open a groonga database.

If [path] is given, create a persistent db. Otherwise, create a temporary db.

If [openOnly] is set to true, do not attempt to create even if open failed. Otherwise, try to create a new database.


Send command to groonga. Block until results returned.

database.command(command, [options], callback)

Asynchronously send command to groonga. Callback will be given two arguments (error, data).


LGPL 2.1 or later. See license/lgpl-2.1.txt. (Yoji Shidara has a right to change the license including contributed patches.)

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