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Wilhelmina - Password Manager for Windows

Wilhelmina is a free software (GPLv3+) password manager written in C++. Wilhelmina is meant to be easy to use, yet very secure.

Wilhelmina is developed on and for Windows but should be easily portable for other operating systems.

Wilhelmina is for people who want to keep their passwords locally but also to be able to seamlessly access them from every computer they use. SSH syncing works automatically once it's configured and even if you loose your local copy of the data, Wilhelmina is clever enough to try to find it from the SSH server.

Wilhelmina tries to keep it simple without unnecessary feature bloat.


Wilhelmina uses OpenSSL crypto library implementation of AES GCM algorithm with 256 bit keys. Key is derived using PBKDF2 algorithm with 200 000 iterations.

Decrypted data never touches the hard drive.

SSH support

Wilhelmina has support for data synchronization using SSH. Only encrypted data is synchronized so remote servers will not know anything about the data.


For more information, documentation and downloads see