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Command line file encryption program
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Secret - Command line file encryption program

Secret is a command line file encryption program for Unix-like operating systems. Port for Windows is under development and will be available in August 2019. Secret already works with WSL. Secret supports encrypting individual files and directories.

How Secret works

Secret uses AES with 256 bit keys in CTR mode. Before decryption, files are autenticated using HMAC to ensure the data is not tampered. With HMAC, SHA512 is used. Most of the time SHA512 is actually faster on 64bit machines than SHA256. SHA512 is also very secure hash algorithm to use together with HMAC. For IV (nonce), 128 bit cryptographically random data is used.

For the actual encryption, OpenSSL Evp API is used.

Secret supports encrypting any size of files. Files are read and encrypted in chunks, so encrypting a big file does not require truckloads of memory.

Secret is licenced under the MIT.

For more, see homepage.

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