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Routing in Bogart is simple and intuitive. A route is a HTTP method paried with a URL matching pattern and a function to call to handle requests to the route.

var router = bogart.router();
router.get('/', function(req) {
    return bogart.html('Hello World');

Routes are tested for matches in the order in which they were defined.

Route Patterns

Route patterns are matched vs URLs. They may include named parameters that will be accessible via the params object of the req object passed to the route handler.

var router = bogart.router();
router.get('/hello/:name', function(req) {
    var greeting = 'Hello ';
    return bogart.html(greeting);

It is also possible to access named parameters via arguments passed to the handler function. Named parameters will be passed in the order they are speicifed in the route pattern.

var router = bogart.router();
router.get('/hello/:name', function(req, name) {
    return bogart.html('Hello '+name);

Route patterns support wildcards. Wildcards will match anything whereas regular named parameters will not match beyond a path separator ("/").

var router = bogart.router();
router.get('/hello/*', function(req, name) {
    return bogart.html('Hello '+req.params.splat[0]);

Regex Routes

When a route pattern is not powerful enough, regular expressions may be used to specify which URLs are to be matched.

var app = bogart.router();
app.get(/\/posts?/, function(req) {
    // Matches 'post' or 'posts'
    return bogart.html('Regex Route');

Parameters are via regular expression groups in regular expression routes. The parameter values are put in an Array in req.params.splat of the req object passed to the route handler.

var app = bogart.router();
app.get(/hello-(.*)/, function(req) {
    var name = req.params.splat[0];
    return bogart.html('Hello '+name);
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