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  • Fixed a bug where Parted middleware was not bubbling rejections.


  • Fixed a bug causing before callbacks to cause errors.


  • Missed a whenCall, same issue from v0.3.28.


  • Added dependency on request 2.2.9.
  • Removed dependency on Deflate as Node.JS 0.6.x includes zlib.
  • Added gzip middleware to bogart.batteries
  • Added reject callbacks for all cases where whenCall is invoked as it tries to invoke the rejectCallback even if one is not provided.


  • bogart.middleware.session assumed that req.env would be unique per request; however, it is not. Corrected issues caused by this.


  • bogart.middleware.bodyAdapter now adapts responses that are of type Buffer or Stream to JSGI responses.
  • Fixed a bug in bogart.middleware.bodyAdatper where Stream returns were not being handled properly.
  • Added bogart.config. The default environment is 'development' and may be overridden with the BOGART_ENV environment variable.
  • Expose DefaultIdProvider and DefaultDataProvider as properties of bogart.middleware.session.


  • No longer reject a return that does not include all properties of a valid JSGI response. This change facilitates Bogart as a middleware platform.
  • Added bogart.middleware.batteries, a batteries included JSGI stack for rapid application development.
  • The deprecated has been reclaimed for the purpose of creating application stacks more easily than chaining JSGI middleware manually or using
  • is deprecated.
  • Added bogart.q which exposes the promise implementation used by Bogart.
  • Added bogart.promisify which adapts node-style asynchronous functions to promises.
  • Added bogart.proxy, a helper to create a JSGI response that proxies a URL.
  • Added viewEngine.share, a helper for serializing JavaScript to views. See the new example in 'examples/share-javascript'.


  • Bug fixes in Session middleware.


  • Added support for string-based paths with * for splat like /foo/*
  • Before callbacks may now return promises that must be resolved before the route handler is executed.
  • After callbacks may now return promises that must be resolved before the response from the route handler is returned.


  • ViewEngine is now an EventEmitter.
  • the built-in Mustache view engine now emits beforeRender and afterRender events.
  • Fixed bugs in Flash middleware.


  • after had been left off of the public API of router, added it.


  • Simplified and corrected code for pipe method on the request object for the Parted middleware.
  • Added Session middleware.


  • Updated Parted dependency to 0.8.0.


  • Mustache partials now work properly when using layouts.


  • Routes now match in order added instead of longest-first.
  • Added Flash middleware to emulate the flash method of Rails.


  • Added Error middleware to translate rejected promises and thrown errors into an error response.
  • Error middleware is included by default in JSGI stacks constructed with
  • ParseForm and ParseJson have been replaced with Parted in JSGI middleware stacks constructed with


  • Added Parted middleware to take advantage of the excellent streaming parsers provided by Parted.
  • Added multipart-form example to the examples directory to demonstrate usage of the Parted middleware.


  • use Buffer.byteLength to determine the value for Content-Length headers, resolves Issue #11


  • bogart.redirect now accepts a 2nd optional parameter which if present will be merged into the returned response object


  • Add before method to the return from bogart.router


  • Added support for mustache partials to the mustache template engine. This is unrelated to Bogart partials.
  • Match pathInfo of "" to "/" if no route found for ""
  • Support dot in named parameters


  • Made view engines registerable.
  • Moved 'jade' and 'haml' renderers to their own packages: 'bogart-jade' and 'bogart-haml'.


  • Removed node-deflate dependency becuase it was sometimes failing to compile when installed with npm.
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