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### The `then` Method
`promise.then(callback, errback, progress)`
-A promise will have a `then` method which takes up to three parameters.
+A promise will have a `then` method which takes up to three parameters. The three parameters are all optional.
+The first parameter, `callback`, is executed if the Promise is successfully resolved. The second parameter, `errback`, is
+executed if the Promise is rejected. The third parameter, `progress`, is used to provide intermediate feedback on the
+asynchronous operation. This parameter is rarely used. Most promises do not report progress.
### The `when` Function
`bogart.q.when(promiseOrValue, callback, errback, progress)`
The `when` function in the `bogart.q` namespace is helpful when you do not know if what you have is a value or a promise for a
value. The callback will be executed for success for a resoled promise or for the value passed if it is a value and not a promise.
+ // The following two lines are equivalent with the exception that the `when` can
+ // handle values that are not promises.
+ q.when(p, function() { console.log('Success'); });
+ p.then(function() { console.log('Success'); });
JSGI stands for JavaScript Gateway Interface. It is an interface between web applications and web servers. It is similar to

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