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+## Using Session
+The session middleware can be included individually with `app.use(bogart.middleware.session)` or
+by using batteries `app.use(bogart.batteries)` which includes a default stack of JSGI middleware.
+A `session` function will be available on the request object passed to your route handlers. This
+function follows the jQuery style of arity determining if it is getting or setting a key/value pair.
+A call to session with one argument is a get to the value of the key referenced by the argument.
+ req.session('name'); // => value associated with 'name'
+A call to session with two arguments is a set.
+ req.session('name', 'Nathan'); // sets the value of 'name' to 'Nathan'
+### Contrived Example
+A set of two routes that use session:
+ router.get('/:name', function(req) {
+ req.session('name',;
+ return bogart.redirect('/');
+ });
+ router.get('/', function(req) {
+ return bogart.html('Hello ' +req.session('name'));
+ });
+Visiting '/:name' ('/Nathan', '/Bob', etc...) will set a session key that will
+be displayed by the root route '/', after the redirect.
## Running the Examples
In the 'examples' directory of the cloned source, there are several examples of bogart applications.

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