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BrowserJS is a ServerJS compatible package that emulates portions of the browser JavaScript APIs.

Supported APIs

  • XMLHttpRequest
  • setTimeout, setInterval, clearTimeout, clearInterval
  • console.log, error, warn, debug
  • DOMParser and basic DOM operations (Rhino only)


To get access to individual APIs, require the corresponding module. For example, if you just w

var XMLHttpRequest = require("browser/xhr").XMLHttpRequest;

To get the "window" object, which contains all the APIs, require the "browser/window" module:

var window = require("browser/window");

Use the properties of the window object directly:

var request = new window.XMLHttpRequest();

Or you can bring all the properties of the "window" object into scope temporarily (without modifying the global scope) by using a with statement:

with (window) {
    var request = new XMLHttpRequest();

If you want to permanently modify the global scope to include all the properties of "window" in the global scope, simply require the "browser" module: