CommonJS CouchDB Client for use in browser, node.js, and narwhal
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CouchDB Client

CouchDB-CommonJS is a promise-based CouchDB client. It can be used in the browser or on the server via Node.js.

Example Usage in Node.js

Create a module named hello-couch.js and add the following code:

var couchdb = require('couchdb');
var client  = couchdb.createClient(5984, 'localhost');
var db      = client.db('helloCouch');

var doc = { _id: 'helloCouch', text: 'Hello CouchDB!' };

db.saveDoc(doc).then(function() {
    console.log('document saved!');

    db.openDoc('helloCouch').then(function(doc) {
        console.log('retrieved document!');

Before executing this module, create a database in your CouchDB named helloCouch using futon.

This program creates a document in the CouchDB Database helloCouch. Next, it saves a document to the database with a key of helloCouch and a text property. Then, it retrieves the document from the database and prints the contents of the document to the console.


Methods on CouchClient and Database return promises. The promises are Promises/A compliant. You may be familiar with promises in jQuery as they have recently been added to make Ajax calls cleaner.