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+# CouchDB Client
+CouchDB-CommonJS is a promise-based CouchDB client. It can be used in the browser or on the server
+via Node.js.
+## Example Usage in Node.js
+Create a module named hello-couch.js and add the following code:
+ var couchdb = require('couchdb');
+ var client = couchdb.createClient(5984, 'localhost');
+ var db = client.db('helloCouch');
+ var doc = { _id: 'helloCouch', text: 'Hello CouchDB!' };
+ db.saveDoc(doc).then(function() {
+ console.log('document saved!');
+ db.openDoc('helloCouch').then(function(doc) {
+ console.log('retrieved document!');
+ console.log(JSON.stringify(doc));
+ });
+ });
+Before executing this module, create a database in your CouchDB named `helloCouch`
+using [futon](http://localhost:5984/_utils).
+This program creates a document in the CouchDB Database *helloCouch*. Next,
+it saves a document to the database with a key of *helloCouch* and a text
+property. Then, it retrieves the document from the database and prints the
+contents of the document to the console.
+## Promises
+Methods on `CouchClient` and `Database` return [promises](
+The promises are [Promises/A]( compliant. You may be familiar
+with [promises in jQuery]( as they have recently
+been added to make Ajax calls cleaner.
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