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from __future__ import division
import math
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.animation as animation
from Grassfire import Grassfire
# Initialize grid rows, columns, and obstacle probability.
rows = 8
cols = 8
obstProb = 0.3
# Instantiate Grassfire class. Initialize a grid and colorGrid.
Grassfire = Grassfire()
grid = Grassfire.random_grid(rows=rows, cols=cols, obstacleProb=obstProb)
colorGrid = Grassfire.color_grid(grid)
# Initialize figure, imshow object, and axis.
fig = plt.figure()
gridPlot = plt.imshow(colorGrid, interpolation='nearest')
ax = gridPlot._axes
ax.grid(visible=True, ls='solid', color='k', lw=1.5)
# Initialize text annotations to display obstacle probability, rows, cols.
obstText = ax.annotate('', (0.15, 0.01), xycoords='figure fraction')
colText = ax.annotate('', (0.15, 0.04), xycoords='figure fraction')
rowText = ax.annotate('', (0.15, 0.07), xycoords='figure fraction')
def set_axis_properties(rows, cols):
'''Set axis/imshow plot properties based on number of rows, cols.'''
ax.set_xlim((0, cols))
ax.set_ylim((rows, 0))
ax.set_xticks(np.arange(0, cols+1, 1))
ax.set_yticks(np.arange(0, rows+1, 1))
gridPlot.set_extent([0, cols, 0, rows])
def update_annotations(rows, cols, obstProb):
'''Update annotations with obstacle probability, rows, cols.'''
obstText.set_text('Obstacle density: {:.0f}%'.format(obstProb * 100))
colText.set_text('Rows: {:d}'.format(rows))
rowText.set_text('Columns: {:d}'.format(cols))
set_axis_properties(rows, cols)
update_annotations(rows, cols, obstProb)
# Disable default figure key bindings.
def on_key_press(event):
'''Handle key presses as follows:
Enter: Exit script.
Shift: Randomize the start and dest cells for the current grid.
Ctrl: Randomly generate a new grid based on the current values
of "rows", "cols", and "obstProb".
Right/Left: Increment/decrement value of "rows".
Up/Down: Increment/decrement value of "cols".
0-9: Set value of "obstProb" (obstacle probability) to key / 10,
eg, pressing 4 would set obstProb = 0.4.
global grid, rows, cols, obstProb
if event.key == 'enter':
elif event.key == 'shift':
ani.frame_seq = ani.new_frame_seq()
elif event.key == 'control':
grid = Grassfire.random_grid(rows=rows, cols=cols, obstacleProb=obstProb)
set_axis_properties(rows, cols)
ani._iter_gen = Grassfire.find_path(grid)
elif event.key == 'right':
rows += 1
update_annotations(rows, cols, obstProb)
elif event.key == 'left' and rows > 1:
rows -= 1
update_annotations(rows, cols, obstProb)
elif event.key == 'up':
cols += 1
update_annotations(rows, cols, obstProb)
elif event.key == 'down' and cols > 1:
cols -= 1
update_annotations(rows, cols, obstProb)
elif event.key.isdigit():
obstProb = int(event.key) / 10
update_annotations(rows, cols, obstProb)
fig.canvas.mpl_connect('key_press_event', on_key_press)
# Functions init_anim() and update_anim() are for use with FuncAnimation.
def init_anim():
'''Plot grid in its initial state by resetting "grid".'''
colorGrid = Grassfire.color_grid(grid)
def update_anim(dummyFrameArgument):
'''Update plot based on values in "grid" ("grid" is updated
by the generator--this function simply passes "grid" to
the color_grid() function to get an image array).
colorGrid = Grassfire.color_grid(grid)
# Create animation object. Supply generator function to frames.
ani = animation.FuncAnimation(fig, update_anim,
init_func=init_anim, frames=Grassfire.find_path(grid),
repeat=True, interval=150)
# Turn on interactive plotting and show figure.