investigating non-uniform elastic control for voldemort
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Prototype partition-load aware elastic storage controller & instrumented Voldemort & YCSB from my masters thesis project.

Feel free to contact me if you can't figure out how to get started, as the documentation and scripts here are unlikely to be improved to a useful state.

Revision history

has been squashed. It was mostly junk messages such as '.' or 'update' used for sending small updates to deployed servers during experimentation, rather than meaningful version updates. These files are original & first releases, so the history is not important.

A separate commit has been retained which shows the changes made to Voldemort and its YCSB client 8b3049495950ec4a51ad069b92b59fee753ec76d


  1. create or modify a cluster configuration using your servers
  2. launch the initial voldemort cluster and check it works (client demo from getting-started guide on voldemort website)
  3. launch the controller with controller/launch.rb optionally preceded by LOAD_ASSUMPTION=uniform to change rebalancing strategy
  4. start the voldemort-performance-tool (YCSB) load generators to begin experimentation.

N.B. you will need to modify and rebuild Voldemort for your load generators with your controller's hostname, by modifying the VoldemortWrapper class's hard-coded server connection. Patch / pull request with YAML or JSON config file welcome.

Useful commands:

Remote load generator launching

Scripted multiple generators

PASSWORD='something something' START_NODE=1804 GEN=uniform scripts/remote-measure.rb 5000 PASSWORD='something something' START_NODE=1801 GEN=samekey scripts/remote-measure.rb 4000 PASSWORD='something something' START_NODE=1801 GEN=3min_rand_then_key4 scripts/remote-measure.rb 6000

Or launch one while logged in by ssh cd voldemort-0.90.1-nruth; JVM_SIZE="-Xms1g -Xmx1g" bin/ --url tcp:// --store-name trickystore2 --threads 6 --value-size 1024 --record-count 150000 -r 100 -w 0 -m 0 -d 0 --record-selection 3min_rand_then_key4 --ops-count 1000000 --target-throughput 4000)

kill stray generator processes

kill $(ps ux | grep [j]ava | awk '{print $2}')

grab measurement.log and plot

scp controller-host:controller/path/measurements.log . && ssh controller-host 'rm /controller/path/measurements.log' ~/thesis-code/scripts/convert-log-to-gnuplot.rb measurements.log ~/thesis-code/scripts/gnuplot-hist-cmd.rb | gnuplot open *.pdf

or with the data in pwd ~/thesis-code/scripts/convert-log-to-gnuplot.rb measurements.log && ~/thesis-code/scripts/gnuplot-hist-cmd.rb| gnuplot

Build and deploy: naive/lazy ant and rsync

ant -f build.xml rsync -r -e ssh ./ hostname:'~/deploy/path'


BOOTSTRAP URL: can be any server url!topic/project-voldemort/1Kpp4j5WxgI

set per node file should be created in cluster config for each node. Do this by symlink to avoid reconfiguring and fighting with rsync / scp