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Unsupported driver mechanize, use one of [:rack_test, :selenium, :mechanize] #9

aaronchi opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm using mechanize but it tells me that the driver is not supported. This is being used via the Capybara DSL


oh. I see that mechanize isn't supported right now. Weird that it's in the list.


It's a bug in the error message.

This was over-optimism on my part I think. indicates it's just asking Capybara what the installed drivers are, which isn't a good idea as it's not constant.

Mechanise should be supportable, but I've never gotten round to using it.


Yep. I managed to add support for mechanize pretty easily. Was considering a push but, as you noted in the other open issue, there is some messiness in the way the adapters are managed and general inconsistencies between them. I could take a pass at cleaning it up a bit if you want.


If you could that'd be great!

@nruth nruth closed this
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