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Add coffee-script-precompiler to your dependencies in kanso.json.

"dependencies": {
        "coffee-script-precompiler": null

Add a coffee-script field to kanso.json with one or both of the following: a list of folders to search for coffeescript modules and a list of folders to search for coffeescript attachments.

"coffee-script": {
    "modules": ["lib", "tests"],
    "attachments": ["js"]

Run kanso intall from your terminal to install dependencies.

When you kanso push: 1. All coffeescript modules listed in coffee-script.modules will be compiled to javascript and uploaded as usual. 2. All coffeescript files in attachements directories will be uploaded as attachments at the corrosponding path with a .js extension. So /lib/js/ will be uploaded to /lib/js/main.js.

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