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Contributing to Angular Console

We would love for you to contribute to Angular Console! Read this document to see how to do it.

Got a Question?

We are trying to keep GitHub issues for bug reports and feature requests. Stack Overflow is a much better place to ask general questions about how to use Angular Console.

Two Platforms

Angular Console runs on two platforms:

  • Electron
  • VSCode

The two versions of Angular Console share most of the code, but they are bundled differently. The dev experience is set up around the electron version.


After cloning the project run: yarn.

After that, run yarn start prepare.electron. Every time you add or remove dependencies in electron/package.json, you will need to rerun prepare.electron.

After this, run yarn start dev.up to start the dev environment. The application will start the process listening on port 4200. The development is done in the browser, but the server uses electron.

Running Unit Tests

  • Run yarn start test to run unit tests.

Running E2e Tests

  • Run yarn start prepare.e2e to build the project and create fixtures. This will create a few projects in the tmp folder you can develop against or run e2e tests against.
  • Run yarn start to run e2e tests. This will compile and frontend and the backend, and run cypress tests (The fixtures must be created).
  • Run yarn start e2e.up to serve the app and launch cypress. (The fixtures must be created). This is useful for development.
  • Run yarn start e2e.headless to serve the app and run cypress from the terminal. (The fixtures must be created). This is also useful for development.

Cypress, which we use to run e2e tests, records the videos of the tests ran on CI. You can access them here: This is very useful for troubleshooting.

Building Electron App

You can build the electron app by running yarn start package.electronMac or yarn start package.electronWin. Usually, you only need to do it locally if you change something related to electron-builder.

Building VSCode Plugin

You can build the vscode extension by running yarn start prepare.and.package.vscode. You can install it by running code --install-extension dist/apps/vscode/angular-console.vsix Reload the vscode window to use the newly installed build of the extension.

If you are working on the plugin, run:

  • yarn start
  • Hit F5

Submitting a PR

Please follow the following guidelines:

Run the following commands to make sure the linting and the tests pass.

  • yarn start format.check
  • yarn start lint
  • yarn start test
  • yarn start e2e.prepare
  • yarn start e2e.up

If yarn start format.check fails, run yarn start format.

Commit Message Guidelines

Commit message should follow the following format:

type: subject


The type must be one of the following:

  • build
  • feat
  • fix
  • refactor
  • style
  • docs
  • test


The subject must contain a description of the change.


feat: add links to to the generate screen

The generate screen shows links to docs explaining all command-line options in depth
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