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@FrozenPandaz FrozenPandaz released this 14 Oct 17:18
· 5190 commits to master since this release

15.0.0 (2022-10-14)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: broken test (#12286) (6125dc0)
  • angular: do not use ngcc for new workspaces and projects #12386 (#12504) (80a623e)
  • angular: export generators correctly #12434 (#12460) (32189d5)
  • angular: fix import breaking jasmine-marbles migration (#12415) (e13ad11)
  • angular: ng-add migration should set default project (#12513) (66a0864)
  • angular: switch to using jasmine-marbles for certain symbols (#11896) (3dc72f0)
  • bundling: add missing assets ignore option to @nrwl/esbuild:esbuild (#12288) (7f76ac5)
  • bundling: correct main field in package.json when using esbuild (#12328) (a14646a)
  • bundling: do not add types field in package.json for esbuild (#12424) (d904160)
  • bundling: fix esbuild build watch (#12448) (e0f7911)
  • bundling: set NODE_ENV correctly to avoid warnings (#12331) (c3e0602)
  • bundling: update error message for esbuild-project generator so it shows correct project name and information (#12323) (20c3951)
  • core: add missing core plugins to list command (#12305) (776b5a0)
  • core: add missing packages (esbuild, webpack, rollup) to nx-migration field (#12285) (37bedce)
  • core: add missing packages to report command (#12306) (6a7a7c1)
  • core: custom generators help should print relevant information (#12258) (f9e57e2)
  • core: daemon should not shut down due to inactivity when there are open connections (759f7ce)
  • core: daemon termination should be ok when client does not need anything (#12519) (8c393b5)
  • core: disable broken git hasher recourse submodules (#12337) (2f0d61f)
  • core: do not fallback to angular cli for ng deploy (#12401) (74e898d)
  • core: do not run postinstall unless it is the main nx package (#12591) (0961cb3)
  • core: drain stdout before exit in print-affected (#12559) (0ff93dd)
  • core: ensure lock file is read from the correct folder (#12294) (a7631e1)
  • core: fix slashes in inputs migrations (#12444) (85a5c89)
  • core: hide leaky error message from git show command in affected (#12521) (f37c334)
  • core: js plugin files should work (#12406) (7ac0dab)
  • core: readRawWorkspaceJson should keep workspace cache up to date (#12528) (ad79453)
  • core: remove trailing slash in outputs that prevents correct caching (#10708) (2889372), closes nrwl/nx#10549
  • core: remove warning for invalid outputs (#12589) (773c0cb)
  • core: set workspaces property when using NPM preset (a947e25)
  • core: swap default method for output capture (#12535) (8ab7f85)
  • core: use node based hasher in git repos with submodules (678f786)
  • devkit: ensure that getProjects works properly without a nx.json (#12295) (40c8859)
  • graph: close tooltips when panning graph (#12468) (305fb2e)
  • js: add outfile to swc compiler in non-watch mode. fixes #12344 (#12345) (469a6d1)
  • js: check if asset create/update event contains a file before copying (#12551) (136e1a8)
  • js: close typescript watch program on SIGINT/SIGTERM (#11722) (f1a24d7)
  • js: inlined buildable libraries original output should not be removed (#12483) (b17893c)
  • linter: check for all .eslintrc.* files when generating a package (#12515) (d4fd7c0)
  • linter: remove leftovers after tslint support removal (#12313) (d91c7ca)
  • misc: buildable libs should not throw when some npm packages are not defined (6775f5d)
  • misc: remove remaining usages of @nrwl/workspace:run-commands executor (#12299) (9d06b3c)
  • misc: update axios to 1.0.0 (#12437) (c3abe07)
  • nextjs: return correct webpack config for next.js storybook app (#12371) (5ae5f88)
  • react: migrations use tsquery, so we should provide it (#12575) (d8f3c6b)
  • repo: bump node version of macos agents (#12525) (06ff65a)
  • storybook: check root mainjs for builder (#12308) (27037cb)
  • testing: move to using cy.mount (#12273) (80635db)
  • webpack: regression from #10432 to allow // prefix in remote (#12302) (ba657da)


  • angular: add flat for standalone library #12420 (#12566) (c2fa6ae)
  • angular: add setup-ssr generator (#12233) (09e9110)
  • angular: create routes file pattern (#11930) (6d9ec39)
  • angular: use provideRouter for standalone apps (#12012) (0858bcf)
  • bundling: add skipValidation option when generating esbuild project (#12290) (f30ed24)
  • bundling: add skipValidation option when generating rollup/webpack project (#12392) (f5e35e1)
  • bundling: remove deprecated UMD format support for rollup (#12426) (dda9ea1)
  • core: add ability not to load dot env files (26e256e)
  • core: add lock file content hashing to lock file utils (#12296) (14a3d6e)
  • core: add support for npm v1 lock file parsing (#12534) (0907ba2)
  • core: add workspace integrity check for package alignment (#11594) (5656fd1)
  • core: map lock file data to external dependencies (#12185) (5e293eb)
  • core: migrate existing workspaces to use inputs configuration (#12416) (49c5e50)
  • core: prefix outputs and warn on non-prefixed outputs (#12470) (834e2db)
  • core: remove deprecated --only-failed option (#12471) (678bb83)
  • detox: upgrade detox to 19.2.5 (#12327) (09119e9)
  • devkit: restrict addDependenciesToPackageJson to update versions only if greater than existing (#11443) (bcbe59e)
  • expo: upgrade expo to 46.0.13 (#12326) (d6997d5)
  • express: generate express app with static assets handler (#12442) (65a7f47)
  • js: inline non-buildable libs for tsc and swc (#12280) (142ed2e)
  • js: use shorter dependsOn syntax for project configuration (#12564) (66a4cc4)
  • linter: remove tslint support (#12279) (09c6ccb)
  • misc: a/b different messages during migration to next major (77b57b7)
  • misc: clean up package-based npm preset (beb04e2)
  • misc: make add-nx-to-monorepo interactive (7fabc85)
  • misc: use autocomplete prompt for workspace style (#12594) (ae3e6b2)
  • node: remove library generator in favor of @nrwl/js:library (#12550) (e74a54d)
  • nx-plugin: pass env vars to command testing util (#12078) (8912fb1), closes #12076
  • nxdev: add path option to terminal frame (5198bbf)
  • react-native: upgrade metro to 0.72.3 (#12325) (20ba188)



  • core: --only-failed has been removed### Breaking Changes
  • Nx will now also include folders with package.json/project.json in its graph of projects. You can ignore any unwanted projects by adding the directory to .nxignore.