Command line tool for searching through 'karma' semantic commit messages and co-authors.
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commits is a command line tool for searching through 'karma' semantic commit messages and co-authors.

It can be used to display the scopes and types of the most recent commits, as well as co-authors who worked/paired/mobbed on the commits, and can count these things.


To get set up, ensure you're in the root directory of this project.

Ensure the commits file is executable e.g. chmod +x ./commits

Ensure the commits file is in the PATH e.g. to add the project root to the path export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)


commits will only work in git repositories.

Without arguments, commits will show you the most recent unique scopes of commits in your current git repository. An example for this repository:

$ commits

You can ask for the types of commits, and for a count to be displayed:

$ commits --type --count
   5 feat 
   2 refactor 
   2 docs 
   1 chore  

Other usage instructions can be accessed by using the -h | --help flag.

$ commits --help

A tool to search karma commits and co-authors.

Usage: commits [options]

	-a, --all
		Include all commits, rather than the default of 6 weeks.
	-s, --search <string>
		Filter results to match on the given string.
	-t, --types
		Show a table of karma commit type usage.
	-u, --authors
		Show a list of co-authors/contributors. Cannot be used with the -t | --type flag.
	-p, --prefix
		May only be used in conjunction with the -u | --authors flag. Will print authors with a "Co-authored-by:" prefix.
	-c, --count
		Prints results with usage counts. Will override usage of the -p | --prefix flag when used alongside -u | --authors.
	-az, --sort
		Alphabetically sort results. Without this, the results are sorted by the most recent, descending.

What's a "Karma commit"?

It's semantics for your git commits. You can find information about karma commits here:

The basic structure of a karma commit looks like this:

<type>(<scope>): <subject>



And with a 'real' example:

refactor(deploy-script): Iterate over a list of tasks.

We don't need to repeatedly call the same functions. Cleaned up some indentation problems.

Co-authored-by: Narayan <>
Co-authored-by: Buddy <>