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NS1 Command Line Interface
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NS1 Command Line Interface (CLI)

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ns1cli is a both a command line program and REPL for accessing NS1, the Data Driven DNS platform.

Command Line

$ ns1 -h
Usage: ns1 [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  If no command is specified, the NS1 console is opened to accept
  interactive commands.

  -v                            Verbosity level
  --debug                       Enable debug mode
  --output [text|json]          Display format
  --ignore-ssl-errors           Ignore ssl certificate errors
  --key_id TEXT                 Use the specified api key id
  -k, --key TEXT                Use the specified api key
  -e, --endpoint TEXT           Use the specified server endpoint
  -c, --config_path PATH        Use the specified config file
  --transport [basic|requests]  Use the specified client transport
  -h, --help                    Show this message and exit.

  config   View and modify local configuration settings
  data     View and modify data sources/feeds
  monitor  View monitoring jobs
  record   view and modify records in a zone
  stats    View usage/qps on zones and records
  zone     View and modify zone soa data

See ns1 <command> --help for more information on a specific command.


$ ns1 will start the REPL


From PyPI:

$ pip install ns1cli

To enable autocomplete from the command-line:

$ eval "$(_NS1_COMPLETE=source ns1)"

Local Development:

$ cd <ns1cli directory>
$ pip install --editable .


ns1cli uses the NS1 python client to communicate with the NS1 API.

  • ns1cli will by default attempt to load a configuration file from $HOME/.ns1/config
  • The configuration object used comes from the underlying NS1 python client
  • A history file for the REPL is saved at $HOME/.ns1/ns1_history


  • REPL:

    • Autocomplete commands
    • cmd <subcmd> help is missing the command/subcommands in the help output.
  • Search:

    • Autocomplete ZONE/DOMAIN/TYPE arguments.
  • Zone:

    • Create secondary zones
    • Create zone from importing zonefile
    • Missing create zone attributes:
      • networks
      • secondary attrs(primary ip, primary_port)
    • Both answer and region meta subcommands are inconsistent:
      • ns1 record answer meta-set and ns1 record answer meta-remove

      • ns1 record region meta-set and ns1 record region meta-remove

      • The meta subcommands will be fixed when Click 7.0 is released:

        • ns1 record answer meta set and ns1 record answer meta remove
        • ns1 record region meta set and ns1 record region meta remove
  • Record:

    • Update/Set record level attributes(TTL, RETRY, etc)

    • Answers

      • implement ns1 record answer remove
  • Data:

    • Add ns1 data feed publish command
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