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Zero copy, authoritative DNS focused packet analysis
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pktvisor - DNS protocol analyzer

This project is in maintenance status.

This project is a fork and reorganization of netsniff-ng, available at

It adds a DNS protocol analyzer, which can generate various statistics about real time traffic streams. It's intended use is to be run on authoritative DNS servers to diagnose incoming and outgoing DNS traffic.

Like netsniff-ng, it can capture to a pcap. It also includes an ncurses based UI that provides a top-like interface to live DNS traffic statistics, including traffic by source/destination IP, DNS query label, result codes, source ports, Geo and ASN.

Building via Docker (Compose)

You'll need Docker and Docker Compose installed for this. This is useful for simple cross compliation or in CI environments.

To use the Docker to build the pktvisor binary do the following:

$ cd pktvisor
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose run --rm builder ./configure
$ docker-compose run --rm builder make

After the builder container exists you can also create a release build (a Debian package) as follows:

$ docker-compose run --rm release

After building, you can even run pktvisor in a Docker:

$ docker-compose run --rm pktvisor <options>


Pull Requests and issues are welcome. See the NS1 Contribution Guidelines for more information.

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