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Program Description 
The main implementation part consists of a program named “” it is a script file written in Python 3. 
When compiled the program will convert a source file in CityGML to a destination file in IFC.
and the program is licensed under General Public License v3.0

It is made with the help of Kavisha Kumar  
Kavisha’s GitHub 

Used Moules 
The following modules are imported and used in the program; these modules should be preinstalled before running the program: 
xml.etree.ElementTree    _ Is used here for parsing the XML data 
os _    To interact with the operating system where the computer is running for example: reading time and file bath. 
time_ To read the current time and stored in the created IFC files
itertools _     Is used to create a hashtaged unique id with an incremental value starting from a given value
sys    _ Is used to allow files to be written on the hard disk 
numpy _    To perform mathematical operation such as finding minimum value or subtract arrays 
uuid_ To automatically generate unique IDs 
pyproj _    To convert the resulting files projection 

How to use program
1-    Make sure that python 3 is installed. 
2-    Make sure all the necessary modules are installed, particularly: 
a.    numpy 
b.    pyproj 
3-    Download the program
4-    the program will convert a source file in CityGML to destination file in IFC. 
5-    Change the name of your source CityGML file to: “Source.gml”  
6-    Compile (Run) the program 
7-    A file called Result.ifc will appear. This file is the result of the conversion. 
8-    Check Result.ifc on the BIM software of your choice. 


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