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Cleans up your LaTeX files.
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Clean up your LaTeX files.

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blacktex is a little tool, helping with the article editing for LaTeX. It removes all comments from a given file and corrects some common anti-patterns. For example, with

blacktex in.tex out.tex

the input file

Because   of $$a+b=c$$ ({\it Pythogoras}),
% @johnny remember to insert name
and $y=2^ng$ with $n=1,...,10$, we have ${\Gamma \over 2}=8.$

is converted to

Because of
a+b = c
and $y = 2^n g$ with $n = 1,\dots,10$, we have $\frac{\Gamma}{2} = 8$.


blacktex is available from the Python Package Index, so with

pip install -U blacktex

you can install/upgrade.


To run the tests, simply check out this repository and run



blacktex is published under the MIT license.

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