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Extracts information from a Drupal 7 database for import into Blogger.
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A PHP script for content export of your Drupal 7 website to blogger.

What this script can do for you:

  • Export (HTML) content off all pages, stories, and comments.
  • Maintain author information and post meta data (such as dates).
  • Maintain reply-to-reply relationships.

What this script cannot do:

  • Data export (images, PDFs,...).
  • Link replacements (all site links will probably be broken).
  • Export any Drupal structures that are not available in Blogger (e.g., forums).

This script is based on drupal_to_blogger, a Drupal-6-to-Blogger exporter by Christophe Vandeplas.


(a) Download drupal2blogger to the server that hosts the Drupal database, and make sure it's accessible. (b) Modify the contents of my_data.php to match your database and Blogger layout. (c) Execute it and download the XML file. It should contain the content information of your Drupal 7 website. (d) Log in to Blogger, and export your blog. The export link can be found at Setting->Other->Export blog. (2012/08/15) Optionally pretty-print the Blogger export file, e.g., xml_pp blog-08-15-2012.xml > blogger.xml (e) Insert the contents of the Drupal 7 XML (from (c)) right before the terminal in blogger.xml. (f) Import blogger.xml into Blogger.

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