A converter that takes a MATLAB(R) figure and spits out a TikZ (Pgfplots) figure for smooth integration into LaTeX.
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This is matlab2tikz, a MATLAB(R) script for converting MATLAB(R) figures into native TikZ/Pgfplots figures.

To download and rate matlab2tikz, go to its page on MathWorks http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/22022.

matlab2tikz supports the conversion of most MATLAB figures, including 2D and 3D plots. For plots constructed with third- party packages, your mileage may vary.

The workflow is as follows.

  1. a. Place the matlab2tikz scripts (contents of src/ folder) in a directory where MATLAB can find it (the current directory, for example). b. Make sure that your LaTeX installation includes the packages

    • TikZ (aka PGF, >=2.00) and
    • Pgfplots (>=1.3).
  2. Generate your plot in MATLAB.

  3. Invoke matlab2tikz by

>> matlab2tikz();


>> matlab2tikz('myfile.tex');

The script accepts numerous options; check them out by invoking the help,

>> help matlab2tikz

Sometimes, MATLAB makes it hard to create matching LaTeX plots by keeping invisible objects around or stretches the plots too far beyond the bounding box. Use

>> cleanfigure;
>> matlab2tikz('myfile.tex');

to first clean the figure of unwanted entities, and then convert it to TeX.

  1. Add the contents of myfile.tex into your LaTeX source code; a convenient way of doing so is to use \input{/path/to/myfile.tex}. Also make sure that at the header of your document the Pgfplots package is included:
% and optionally (as of Pgfplots 1.3):
\pgfplotsset{plot coordinates/math parser=false}

There are reported incompatibilities with the following LaTeX packages:

If you experience bugs, have nice examples of what matlab2tikz can do, or if you are just looking for more information, please visit the web page of matlab2tikz https://github.com/nschloe/matlab2tikz.