Small pip update helpers.
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pipdate is a collection of small pip update helpers. The commands


updates all your pip{3}-installed packages. (Only works on Unix.)

There's a Python interface as well that can be used for update notifications. This

import pipdate
msg = pipdate.check('matplotlib', '0.4.5')

will print

│                                              │
│        Update available 0.4.5 → 2.2.2        │
│   Run pip3 install -U matplotlib to update   │
│                                              │

If you guard the check with

if pipdate.needs_checking('matplotlib'):
    print(pipdate.check('matplotlib', '0.4.5'), end='')

then it will be performed at most every k seconds, where k is specified in the config file $HOME/.config/pipdate/config.ini, e.g., once a day

secondsbetweenchecks = 86400

This can, for example, be used by module authors to notify users of upgrades of their own modules.


pipdate is available from the Python Package Index, so simply type

pip install pipdate


To run the pipdate unit tests, check out this repository and type



To create a new release

  1. bump the __version__ number,

  2. publish to PyPi and GitHub:

    $ make publish


pipdate is published under the MIT license.