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UA beamer theme

Build Status

This is a LaTeX beamer theme for the University of Antwerp. It is designed to match the official UA templates for Microsoft PowerPoint.

dark title


Retrieve ua-beamer via GitHub and place it in a directory where LaTeX can find it. For user installations on Unix, this is typically ~/texmf. Running texhash may be required.

You can check the integrity of your installation with

$ kpsewhich beamerfontthemeUniversiteitAntwerpen.sty


Using the theme is as simple as invoking beamer's \usetheme:




\title{Some slides with a UA beamer theme}
\subtitle{This is a dummy subtitle}




\frametitle{A first test frame}
Some dummy text.


See here for a more verbose example.

Note that the official font of Universiteit Antwerpen is Underware's Auto 1. If you have access to it, you can include it by adding

% Fonts. Use Auto 1, the official UA font.
\defaultfontfeatures{Ligatures=TeX, Scale=MatchLowercase, Numbers=Lining}
\setmathfont{XITS Math} % for math symbols, can be any other OpenType math font
\setmathfont[range=\mathup]  {auto1}
\setmathfont[range=\mathbfup]{auto1 Bold}
\setmathfont[range=\mathbfit]{auto1 Bold Italic}
\setmathfont[range=\mathit]  {auto1 Italic}

to the document preamble.

All options are documented as part of the manual. To compile,

cd doc/manual && make


This software is published under the MIT license.