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Git commit notifier for MacOSX
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Gitifier is a MacOSX menu bar application that monitors Git repositories for new commits and displays their info in Growl notifications. Check out the project home page:

Gitifier was originally developed by Jakub Suder and is now maintained by Nikolaj Schumacher.


  • MacOSX 10.7 (Lion)
  • Git
  • optionally: Growl (recommended on 10.7, on 10.8+ system notifications are used as a fallback)


The way Gitifier works is that when you add a repository to the list, it makes a full clone of the repository in a cache directory (~/Library/Caches/net.psionides.Gitifier), and then every few minutes does a fetch in that directory, and if the fetch reports that commits have been added to any branch, does a separate git log to get the details. All that is done by parsing the results from the command line git executable, so it must be installed in the system. Gitifier will try to find it by itself by calling which in the shell, but if it can't find it, you have to enter the path to Git binary manually in the preferences.

If something doesn't work (e.g. you can't add a repository to the list, or you get repeated notifications about the same commit, etc.), check if the same problem occurs when you clone the same URL to a new directory from the command line. If Git can't clone it, Gitifier won't be able to clone it either.

Tips and tricks

See this wiki page.


See this page.


Copyright by Jakub Suder . Licensed under Eclipse Public License v1.0.

Includes open source libraries by Vadim Shpakovski (MASPreferences), John Engelhart (RegexKitLite), Andy Matuschak (Sparkle), Ira Cooke (SSH NSTask), Ali Rantakari (ANSIEscapeHelper) and Growl framework by the Growl Team.

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