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Documented new functions.

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commit e30786a198d878843140cef64f8199eeee12059a 1 parent e8de642
@nschum authored
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6 full-ack.el
@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@
;;; Change Log:
+;; Added `ack-next-file` and `ack-previous-file`.
;; 2011-12-16 (0.2.3)
;; Added `ack-again' (bound to "g" in search buffers).
;; Added default value for search.
@@ -615,18 +617,22 @@ DIRECTORY is the root directory. If called interactively, it is determined by
(defun ack-next-match (pos arg)
+ "Move to the next match in the *ack* buffer."
(interactive "d\np")
(ack-next-marker pos arg 'ack-match "match"))
(defun ack-previous-match (pos arg)
+ "Move to the previous match in the *ack* buffer."
(interactive "d\np")
(ack-previous-marker pos arg 'ack-match "match"))
(defun ack-next-file (pos arg)
+ "Move to the next file in the *ack* buffer."
(interactive "d\np")
(ack-next-marker pos arg 'ack-file "file"))
(defun ack-previous-file (pos arg)
+ "Move to the previous file in the *ack* buffer."
(interactive "d\np")
(ack-previous-marker pos arg 'ack-file "file"))
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